Videographer Intern

We are looking for a videographer who cares about the citizen livelihood improvement to take on the role of videographer to provoke and instigate people to join our campaign.

The ideal candidate would be someone with deep insight into what makes videos highly sharable, with excellent communication skills, and the ability to work effectively in teams.



  • Ideate, plan, and research video concepts for our social media accounts, brand partnerships, and editorial initiatives
  • Creating Motion Graphics as per scripts
  • Producing a variety of short videos to deliver social campaign’s messages,
  • Bring creative vision to projects and effectively communicate across multiple teams
  • Editing and compressing videos for web distribution
  • Complete logistics work necessary for successful on location and in-house shoots.


  • Able to commit 3 to 6 months internship with flexible hours,
  • Strong work ethic, discipline, and positive leadership,
  • Confident, sociable, ambitious and flexible character,
  • Technology savvy, understand how the media works, and can use the media to promote Qlue’s program in a positive way,
  • A problem solver who is always looking to help get things done.

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