City Dashboard Solution

MyCity tracks the city problem ranging from floods, damaged road to corruption and drugs through citizen’s reports. Our dashboard is designed to display citizen’s aspiration directly to the decision maker of the city. Yes, as the person in charge you’re able to monitor and maintain the city on the go.


A dashboard to monitor real-time energy usage. We believe that a smart city should efficiently manage its energy and that’s why we make users able to adjust the required energy level automatically. Imagine if you can save both energy and budget at the same time with this.


A solution for most big city problem. Our dashboard is equipped with real-time traffic data and specific street analysis so you can have a comprehensive understanding of how traffic flow in your city. With this, you’re able to overlay mixed data variables to manage the bottleneck and simulate the traffic flow like never before.


We provide integrated monitoring dashboard utilizing human as a sensor to identify and solve city problems. Citizen’s reports will be delivered as the notification to the problem handler while being displayed on the dashboard on the command center. With this, the decision maker can track down all the problem and identify the bottleneck correctly.