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Data Scientist

In this role, you will work together with our developers to develop the quality living index in the city by analyzing the citizen behavior, govern…

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Brand Strategist

We are looking for someone with an incredible ability to tell stories visually. The ideal candidate is someone who can incite passion and loyalty…

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Partnership & Event Officer

Under the direction of marketing, sales and HR team, you will be responsible for back-end and on-site coordination of both internal and external…

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Business Process Analyst

You are responsible to analyze the business process across divisions and work closely with the development team to analyse and prioritise customer…

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Digital Strategist

We’re looking for someone who cares about the citizen livelihood improvement to take on the digital evangelist role. The ideal candidate should be…

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Product Manager

As Product Manager, you are in charge to deliver company vision into the right product to support government, enterprise, and citizen to connect…

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GIS Developer

You are responsible to carry out the collection and analysis of geographical data generated by geographical information systems (GIS). The work in…

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Data Engineer Admin

The Data Engineers, as part of Product team, will be responsible to ensure the smooth data operations and seamless flow of data into Qlue Database…

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UI/UX Product Designer

Qlue is seeking a creative and hands-on UI/UX Product Designer who combines a passion for clean, usable design with an ability to bring designs to…

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Web Developer

As a web developer, you will be working collaboratively to translate messy real-world problems into scalable software that allows Qlue to become…

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Senior Back-End Developer

You would be responsible for developing and managing the backend stack for the company. We are looking for a candidate who can work in pressure si…

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Quality Assurance Engineer

Qlue is looking for a QA Automation Engineer to help with manual and automated quality assurance of the Qlue mobile app and API. You will be…

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Campaigner Intern

Under the direction of the marketing team, you will perform a variety of public relation activities, including developing, planning and coordinati…

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UI/UX Researcher Intern

In this role, you will expose what our users need from our products by holding primary research, analyzing the habits and encouragements of our us…

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Content Writer Intern

Under the direction of the marketing team, you are responsible for writing a variety of unique material for websites, blogs, and social media posts…

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Videographer Intern

We are looking for a videographer who cares about the citizen livelihood improvement to take on the role of videographer to provoke and instigate…

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Graphic Designer Intern

As the Graphic Design Intern, you will work closely with our business development team and Front End Developer. You will learn the importance of…

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Smart Surroundings

“Work hard, play hard” is our spirit. You get to spend time with people who have a broad base of experience that are willing to help and guide you throughout.

Work-Life Balance

We love innovators and we support them. Weekly activities such as hacking day and happy hour can be found here to guarantee a balanced work-life.


From you to the world. Your work will help shape new products that will make a difference for likely millions of people.

Free Food

We get it, we all love free food. Catered lunches, free coffee, free snacks; these are just some perks that you will get to devour daily.

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