About Us

Qlue is the solution to today’s city management problems, keeping track of the condition of your city through numerous aspects and simplifying communication between government and citizens.

We’re developing a smart city by turning aspirations and complaints into actionable insights.

As the smart city is the synergy between the government and its citizen, we bring both top-down and bottom-up approach to creating an inclusive smart city ecosystem for all.

  1. Public participation that has been organized for city improvements (eg. citizen complaints, suggestions or data sharing) for the bottom-up engagement.
  2. City information dashboard and command tools that visualize city data and sensors analyses for city leaders to understand problems in real-time, and make strategic measurable solutions as the top-down approach

Now, Qlue continues to develop new features and applications, including Qluster for property management and QlueWork for business management.


2015 – Google Playstore Karya Anak Bangsa #4 Best Application in Indonesia
2015 – Google Playstore Nominated as Best Application in Indonesia
2015 – Free Magazine #2 Best Local App
2016 – Selected for one of the top OTT by Kemenkominfo and ATSI
2016 – Grand Finalist Startup World Cup in South East Asia
2016 – Markplus Industry Champion for E-Commerce and Application
2017 – Google Launchpad Accelerator Program
2017 – Indonesian Pavilion – Archipelageek at SXSW
2017 – Sustainable Development Award 2017 – SDGs #16 by JCIM