A Smart City Solution

Smart City is a city that can self-acclimate and grow independently and positively using the power of technology, infrastructure, and governance.

Qlue provides tools or information for our citizens to form a positive habit that affects the rests of the city by making it more effective and efficient.


Qlue x MyCity – Designated for municipal government cities. It connects to Qlue mobile application that is available on Android platform. Its flexibility and simplicity on data integration alongside its sophisticated data analytic design, are the main reasons why this platform is loved by many city clients. Five (5) mayors have utilized Qlue effectively and we have ambitions to penetrate many more cities.  Read More >


QlueWork – Developed for internal organizations and corporations. Our main target market for this product is the city element. City element are organizations that play a major role in cities (eg. police, ambulance, firefighters, public transit and many more). Read more > 


Qluster – Developed to influence property developer owners to build smart residentials from the start. This platform allows property managers to operate effectively by monitoring monthly billing payments, order on-demand homecare service and communicate other city data for residents. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS are can be white-labeled to the client’s own brand. Nine (9) major property developers have used this platform with accumulated 350,000 unit house available. Read more > 


The Purpose

Urbanisation in your city is growing on a very high-speed. It’s swallowing the city slowly which then creates a domino effect to bigger problems (e.g: global warming, economy, society) which we don’t want to happen. This drives the sense for us to improve the livelihood in a city through technology; and here we are, developing a modular and centralized platform that integrates multiple sources of city information.

The Partners